St. Petersburgs top boutique TV / Photography production studio rental.  Professional set pieces, lighting, cameras, including a Blackmagic Design ATEM Pro ISO Live Production Switcher OB available for use during your sessions.  Private gate, large private parking area, large loading bay door for convenient loading/unloading.

White Cyc

Our hard corner white cyc features a loading bay door where a car or truck can enter the studio for convenient loading and unloading. An array of lighting and grip equipment is available on site. Excellent for photography shoots.

Talk Show Set

Ideal for casual conversation to fully produced talk show (see: Forbes Living).
Available couches, tables, chairs, tables and more. Space holds up to 50 people.

Indoor Kitchen Set - Fully equipped

Conference Room Set

Gym Set

Personally designed by World Fitness Champion, Joshua Self the 10 x 12 set is high tech, with or with equipment.

Dressing Room

Clean, inviting and UBER professional Space for 3 Make-Ups Artists/ Hair Stylists Outlets, USB plugs and Dressing Room on TV feed of Studio Action

Seminar, Trainings, Infomercial Setups

Ideal for corporate trainings, speaker trainings, women's groups. Holds up to 50 people with Table & Chairs, sounds system, AV tv screen, overhead projector.

Outdoor Kitchen Set - Fully equipped

Complete kitchen with state of the art grill, refrigerator, ice maker and counter.



Ample lighting equipment options available with the lights that are in the studio at all times. Top professional lighting with an array of ARRI lights. Pre-production studio tours are available if you call to schedule an appointment if you need to see in advance of your production what we have. For a very wide range of shoots you can provide excellent lighting for your project.

  • ARRI 2K’s, 1K’S, 650’S, 300’S
  • Kino Flo Diva 400’s
  • ARRI L7-C LED Lights
  • Lighting Grid

We have some great camera options that are available in the studio including a Blackmagic pocket 4k, Lumix gh5, Lumix G7, all professional grade equipment that produces stunning clarity and high video fidelity. Some of the top cameras used by video production studios worldwide.

  • Lumix gh5
  • Lumix G7
  • Lumix gh5 XLR Adapter
  • Blackmagic pocket 4k
  • Black Magic Switcher Pro


Full video backline gear including many variations of C-Stands, Combo Stands, Clamps,
Flags, Floppies, Silks, Nets, Diffusion & Gels. There is also a large selection of modifiers including scrims, flags, diffusers, softboxes, and spotlight mounts. We have a wide range of gear, we recommend visiting the studio to survey the gear to make sure you have everything you need to have a successful production session here at Forbes Riley Studios.

  • C-Stands
  • Combo Stands
  • Clamps
  • Flags
  • Floppies
  • Silks
  • Nets
  • Diffusions & Gels

Production Services

We offer the studio currently on its own without production staff. If you would like recommendations from us about great local talent for any of these services below, please let us know.

Greenscreen Ceiling to Floor

Holds Up To
50 People

Video & Audio Production

Hollywood Style
Green Room

Conference Room Up to 20 People

Live Event Rental

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